In conversation with Malika Wadhwa, Founder at Style Diva Couture

1. Since how long have you been into this business and how’s the experience been?

We’ll be turning 5 this year in May . Experience till now has been really amazing as we’ve expanded and tried to increase our customer base and provided quality services to all our customers over these years. We’re still learning and growing and it’s always great to follow your passion in life to achieve something big in life.

2. What categories of clothing are available with you?

We basically deal in all kinds of western wear and we even introduce ethnic wear during festive times. You’ll get brands , customised shirts and amazing dresses all at one place . We get new stock each day so customer doesn’t get bore of viewing the same collection each day .

3. Comfort or style? What would you pick and why?

Comfort any day because if you’re comfortable in something you’ll ve able to carry it off with confidence and you’ll look stylish at the same time . But if you prefer style which is not comfortable then you’ll not be able to carry it off well .

4. What is the best way for someone to contact you for enquiries?

People can always DM us on our Instagram Profile @styledivacouture or WhatsApp us on 9990349908